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About Me

I specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy, which allows me to work most successfully with clients on a wide range of emotional and behavioral problems. I tailor my approach to each client and may also include as needed practices from other therapy interventions such as attachment theory, humanistic psychology, and psychodynamic theory.


When my five year old son, Jonathan, died of a brain tumor in 1992, I began helping others heal from losses in their lives. As my personal journey evolved to embrace a holistic approach to integrating spiritual, physical and cognitive ways of healing, I began professional training to become a therapist, obtaining a Master of Science degree in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola University Maryland. This ecumenical program not only prepared me as a therapist, but also trained me to integrate into therapy a client's spiritual or religious beliefs or practices. Before I began my own private psychotherapy practice, I worked for three years as the Coordinator of Education, Training, and Crisis Response at the Wendt Center for Loss and Healing. Prior to my work as a professional counselor, I worked as an attorney for 25 years for health care and hospice related organizations.

In 2010, I received advanced training by the late Dr. Joseph Ciarrocchi of Loyola University. His groundbreaking approach integrates the disciplines of cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, self regulation and behavior modification, and spiritual and religious belief systems and practices into a unified therapeutic treatment practice. We developed a 10 session manual using spiritually integrated cognitive behavioral therapy for depressed and chronically ill patients.